Revolt, 2020

The covid-19 outbreak in Israel had caught us during a fragile political moment. It was just after 3 rounds of elections where stability and trust between the people and our leaders was rare to find. PM Binyamin Netanyahu, is charged with 3 criminal cases of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.No recovery plans were introduced to the public and non- democratic laws started to pass in the parliament like mushrooms after the rain; limiting the basic freedoms and human rights of the citizens. This included tracking civilians through their mobile activities and imposing quarantines, and the pass of the 'enabling act' law that basically dismissed the power of the parliament to monitor the government, and allowed the government solely to decide and act by its own- outside the democratic procedure with the excuse of "emergency". This created a very centralized power dynamic within the country, with no positive results on the ground. Without a proper plan to recover from the crisis, and no serious prevention measures, alongside the gradually and consistent collapse of the economy and the democracy in the country, people started to feel like they were taken hostage. Businesses started to shut down one after the other, the percentage of unemployment raised to more than 20%. All culture and arts institutions were paralyzed.This extreme scenario had led to the rise of a non-violent resistance civil movement.The protests became our platform and stage to express our deepest concerns and most wanted wishes. It is tagged as one of the most creative protests in the world.