Hand the Peace

This is a participatory photography project with Israeli and Palestinian women from the West Bank. Such a meeting could only take place outside the borders of Israel and Palestine, as entry is forbidden to the territories of the other. Therefore, it was conducted in Jordan as part of a peace delegation in the region, focused on feminism and peace. I asked the women to couple and form a meaning with their hands.

From the point of view of the viewer it is not possible to identify which hand and which eye is of which woman, so that the unification of the bodies is created, the abolition of the balance of power and the creation of harmony.

From a social perspective, the series of images seeks to express the power of women in creating unconditional human connections, in promoting peace and a discourse of reconciliation. There is also a call for and encouragement for female involvement in decision-making circles and positions of influence that are objectively characterized by male dominance and masculine lines of thought. This series corresponds with UN Resolution 1325 which encourages equal gender representation in international peace and reconciliation negotiation processes. The resolution recognizes the influence of women in resolving conflicts while creating long-term effects.

This series is therefore a joint work between Israeli and Palestinian women who want to express their unique voice, bridge cultural, national and interpersonal gaps and create cross-border female tribalism.